An Introduction to My NaNoWriMo WIP

This was supposed to have been posted on Tuesday, but I forgot!! Oh well!! (Just so you know, for the month of November I'm planning only to post on Tuesdays, no Thursday posts this month just to make writing easier on myself) But anyway!! Onward! Because today I get to talk about my NaNoWriMo project!!!!!

It's too late to leave now. You've fallen under my spell, and now you must listen to this. >:-)))

So we begin!

The Title:
It took me significantly too long to title this project, especially after thinking about it for about a year and a half before actually starting to write it, but the title we're going with is Robbing Centaurs and Other Bad Ideas, which I feel like is funny and kind of captures the tone I'm going for with the book.

The Blurb:
I worked very hard creating this blurb and it still doesn't feel right, but please appreciate it.
 Two valuable artifacts have been stolen from different territories in the country of Aro, and now Wick, a tree messenge…

October Wrapup

Well, another month has come and gone. It feels like Preptober just began, but here we are, with NaNoWriMo beginning tomorrow!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! (<= that was a scream of terror because despite all the preparation I'm very afraid I'm going to screw this novel up)

I don't feel like it's been too exciting of a month, but I find that my months are always much more interesting in review, so let's dive in.


I did get *some* more work done on Jack, Thief's Son, but not as much as there could have been. Fortunately, taking a break from other projects is allowed since it is October and therefore a month devoted almost entirely to NaNoWriMo prep.

Since(as I've mentioned before) I started working on the prewriting for this novel about a year ago, a lot of it was already done before we got to November. So this month I basically just had to do the plot work and the playlist and stuff. Today I'm going shopping for my milestone prizes, which will probably a…

Fun Things You Can Add To Your NaNoWriMo Experience

NaNoWriMo is hard, can we just all agree on that? It's hard writing nearly 1.7k ever single day for 30 days. But there are always things you can do to add more fun to the chaotic roller coaster ride that is NaNoWriMo. So here's some ideas for you.

1. Create a rewards system.
For every difficult task in life, there should be something waiting for you when you accomplish your goal. If you want, you can buy a bag of chocolate and only allow yourself a piece once you've finished your daily word count. Or go for smaller goals and allow yourself a piece every 300 words! It's your system, not mine. Other rewards could include:

Watch a YouTube video or an episode of a show when you finish for the day.Take a break and read a few chapters of a book when you hit the halfway mark.Make yourself a chart and give yourself a sticker for every major benchmark.Or my personal favorite: buy a bunch of candy bars and reserve them for the big moments: the 10,000-word mark, then 20,000, 25,00…

The Best and Worst Things About the Internet

This morning I was watching a video on YouTube in which a girl was showing her parents her best and worst YouTube comments. Both her parents had some thought-provoking things to say about the nature of internet feedback and just the World Wide Web in general. And as it provoked a good deal of thought in me today, writing on the subject seemed just the thing to do to get it out of my head.

Best: You can be seen by a lot of people.
It takes work to get a lot of exposure, but whatever you post can be seen by lots of people, which is a wonderful and powerful thing. But like a lot of powerful things, the internet is neither good nor bad, which means it can be used to either a very good end or a very bad end.

Worst: This exposure seems to attract horrible people like moths to a flame.
Posting YouTube comments that try to uplift whoever sees them ('you are beautiful', 'it's going to be ok') is using this power to a good end. Putting up endless rants on why you hate another …

The Stationary Tag

So I want to start another tag. I don't really know that more than one person even ended up doing the last one I created, but I enjoyed doing it, and that's what matters. If you want to see the Messy Desk tag, click the link here.

Today's tag is the Stationary Tag! We all know the vast number of notebooks and pens we have, so let's see them! The rules are simple:

1. Share the image I made or link back to me cuz it's my tag,
2. Answer the questions, and
3. Tag three more people once you're done!

1. What's the most recent thing you've bought for your *cough* stash?
Fun fact: I have actually bought very few things for myself. Most of my notebooks and pens have been given to me over the years by various people, and it's kind of amazing, but I have been given all this faster than I can use it, which is why I have such a collection. But I'm not complaining. Keep it coming!

I did, however, buy this very cute star notebook last summer, and I still haven…

The Advantages of Wearing Skirts

Call me weird if you want, but I wear solely skirts and dresses. And while it's been quite the journey over the years to figure out outfits that look fashionable and trendy, wearing skirts constantly has been fun in ways that jeans-only people probably wouldn't think of.

So just for fun, here's a small list of my favorite things about wearing skirts.

1. You just look so fabulous.
Come on, nothing adds sassy femininity to an outfit like a skirt! Dressier skirts can even take an outfit to a new level of professionalism just like that. *snaps fingers*

2. The versatility is ridiculous.
And anybody who says anything else is just fooling themselves. Check this out! You want a sassy cowgirl outfit? Bam!

City girl outfit? Bang!

Boho? Lollllllll, boho was built for skirts, girl.

You can even do a post-apocalypse gritty style with a skirt. Boom!

3. There are a million styles.
As shown above, there is no lack of variety. Maxi skirt, midi skirt, mini skirt, slit skirt, peasant skirt, fr…

The Stages of Agony when Starting a New Novel

I don't believe in letting more than one month go by without another one of these, so here we go! The stages of starting a new story.

Idea. Hooray! 

You've got a beginning, an end... but where's the middle?

You have the main character, the villain and... nobody else. 

Creating 48375838 unnecessary side characters. 

Me: I should keep my cast of characters small this time. Maybe a sidekick, a few other SCs...
Also me: *creates 9829857675 minor characters who are all important*#writerslife#writinghumor#amwriting — Scribbled Fiction (@ScribbldFiction) October 9, 2019
Why are outlines so hard?? 

Staring at the blinking cursor until insanity sets in. 

Once you've created a crappy first page, all goes well... until about twenty pages in, when your brain goes... 

*immediately diverges from outline*

Get distracted by the internet.

Relatable? Did you laugh? Tell me about your writing woes in the comments!

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