Questions to Ask Yourself While Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding can be hard, yes, but it is my favorite, favorite part of the writing process. I love building places I would want to live in, and yes, I would very much like to live in a lot of them, even though for some reason I make a lot of my characters' hometowns full of really mean people?? Like, what's with Rocky Hill? Why are these people so mean? Like, who even knows?

But in doing my worldbuilidng, even I often forget some very important things. Like, where does the waste go? What do they do when one race breaks the other's rules? Does everyone in your world get along? I personally have a small fetish for giving cultures their own constellations.

So let's get into world building questions.

What are some common names in your world?
What creatures in your world are considered pests?

What animals are acceptable to eat?

How often and how far do people travel? Is it so much that they have the geography memorized and don't need maps?

What is some common folklore…

The Sunshine Blogger Award

No, it's true, nobody nominated me, but I liked the questions, so I award myself. *applauds for myself* Ok. I stole this from The Life of an Elf, thanks girl!
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And now my answers!
1) Favorite scene from a book (can be a WIP)? Um um off the top of my head the scene from The Invention of Hugo Cabret where they break open the box of pictures from the top of the armoir and all the pictures fall out. Like sometimes I just pick up a book to read one part again and that is one of them.

2) Tea or Coffee (the dangerous question :P)? Descend upon me and tear my heart out, for I hate te…

A List of Quirks For Your Character (Part 2! See, I remembered!)

Here's assuming you read part of A List of Quirks to Give Your Character, but if you haven't, click the link to read it! Today is a continuation of the same list, so more options! You get a character quirk! You get a character quirk! Everybody gets a character quirk!

Okay, enough worn-out memes. Let's start the list.

1. Can't stand still.

2. Stares unintentionally then kicks him/herself when it weirds someone out.

3. Is too rough with things.

4. Constantly experimenting with new styles of clothing/shoes/hairstyle/hair color/makeup.

5. Hoards insignificant things that hold sentimental importance to them.

6. Mentally makes comparisons between people they meet and animals/colors/seasons.

7. Grumpy when hungry or tired.

8. Is genuinely confused about a common fact (the sun goes around the earth, red and green make purple), and it's too funny for anyone to correct them.

9. Talks too much/not enough to cover the subject.

10. Has an allergy to a really strange food ingre…

Trying and Failing is Hard

I recently saw a piece of advice that in the world of writing you have to be willing to fail for a long time.

And right now it feels like I've been doing that for a long time. I have been blogging for over two years, and while some of my posts have done extremely well, most take a few weeks to get numbers I would consider adequate. And while the book I put up in April is only the first decent book I've put online, I don't even know if the few people that have bought it have bothered to read it.

I feel as though my collection of attempts has led to nothing. I feel like my cup of failure is overflowing.

Often I wonder if I have taken the wrong course in my writing. If I'm doing something wrong.

And maybe I am. It would be wonderful to take a glance into the future to see what I need to do in order to succeed.

But whether I'm doing something wrong or whether I'm not, I know one thing for certain:

It'll be all right. The God I know will always watch over me an…

A(slightly late) August Wrapup

Enter me repeating for the second month in a row that I haven't been productive! *places paper bag over head* *leaves the country*

In all seriousness, in the month of September, I plan to take better charge of my individual weeks and actually reach the goals I set up for myself. I'm thinking of taking my sister's advice and setting aside a specific notebook to write my weekly goals in. I'm not a person to use a planner, that's too much planning, but I should probably start doing weekly goals again if I want to actually achieve stuff.


I've hit a bit of a sticky spot in re-drafting Jack, Thief's Son. I'm having a hard time getting the character arcs and stuff to do what I want them to do, so I paused where I was and jumped ahead to the second half of the second act, a place I had more of a vision for.

Writing isn't really going more smoothly now than it was before I jumped ahead, but I remain hopeful. At least whatever drafts may follow this one …

The Bestiary Tag

Rachel of R's Loft tagged me in this, and I am pumped to comply! Ironically, this sorta kinda lines up with what I wrote on Tuesday, which was a list of lesser-used mythical creatures you can use in place of overused ones.
I must confess, I don't know who to tag at all because I don't know nearly as many people on the blogisphere as I should. Please tell me if you have any suggestions for me!
1. Include the graphic somewhere in the post and/or link back to Victoria. 2. Answer the questions on your blog. 3. Tag three or more fantasy lovers.
The Questions
1.) What is your favorite mythical creature? Tough call. Probably dragons? I love the stabby flame-throwing aspect, but also when they are small and cute and curl around coffee cups. Dragons are .
2.) When was the first time you heard of this beast? Um idk. Dragons are just kind of a thing you know about? I probably knew about them from Beowulf first since I was basically raised on the story. Or may St. George and the Dragon?


Lesser-Used Versions of Popular Mythical Creatures (A List)

I like talking about fantasy creatures. I've had a fetish for diverse mythology since I was really little, and I keep so many different bits of information inside my brain about fantasy, so I must! Share! Here's a list of lesser-known versions of some really cool fantasy creatures.

Dark Faye.
These are my favorite thing to talk about. Dark Faye are essentially full-size, super scary fairies that don't like anybody, sometimes not even themselves. They are divided into two courts: the Seelie and the Unseelie. The two courts always have conflicting goals, and they fight many wars over their differences. Once captured by them, you might as well give up. And we're not even going to talk about the money they pay with that turns into dry leaves once they've left.

You know mermaids, but how much do you know about sirens? They're commonly known as just beautiful women who sing romantic songs to sailors until they drive themselves to a shipwreck, but that's not…